Who am I


My name is Victor Duarte


My specialty is psychoanalysis and I also have a great interest in mindfulness and meditation.


I finished my psychology degree at Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil in 2008 and in 2013 my degree was recognized by The Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice.


I was born in Cuba. My father is from Cuba and my mother is from Cape Verde, and I have therefore also lived for seven years in Cape Verde, Africa. I moved to Brazil in 2002, where I studied psychology and worked as a psychologist. In 2008 I moved to Denmark with my Danish wife. During the time I have lived in Denmark I have worked as a psychologist at Gallo Crisis Counselling in Aarhus and I have worked with integration of newly arrived refugees.


Victor Duarte Psychologist

In addition to consultations offered during the day time it is also possible to book a consultation at night or at the weekend.


Consultations take place at Psykologhusets facilities in Aarhus: www.phuset.dk


Skype and telephone consultations available



Victor Duarte Psychologist

+45 42 800 289



CVR nr: 37636339

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